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    Videos for Change

    One Idea. One Video. One Minute.

    Can a one-minute video really change your world? We believe it can.

    What is Videos for Change?

    A project based, real-world learning experience to empower young people and amplify their voices.

    One-Minute Videos

    Students are challenged to make a one-minute video that raises awareness and inspires action on a social issue that they’re passionate about.

    Ready-to-Use Resources

    We provide all the resources that students need to make their videos and that educators need to support them through the process.

    In-School Challenges + Australian National Competition

    Students from across the country can enter videos into their own in-school challenge, as well as our hugely popular national competition.

    Annual Film Festival

    Our annual film festival celebrates not just our winners and finalists, but every participating school, team and individual that has taken part.

    What do young people gain by taking part?

    Videos for Change develops 21st-century skills and stimulate transformation on a personal, community and Global level.

    Soft Skills

    • Critical thinking
    • Creative thinking
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Teamwork
    • Adaptability
    • Personal and social skills
    • Problem solving
    • Digital and media literacy

    Hard Skills

    • Researching and Planning
    • Storyboarding
    • Scriptwriting
    • Sound design
    • Filming, Directing, Acting
    • Animation
    • Editing
    • Videography skills
    • Marketing and Promotion


    • Builds awareness of both local and global issues
    • Increases sense of agency and confidence
    • Gives participants a meaningful say in their future
    • Provides a channel for creativity and passion
    • Contributes to a positive change in society

    Hear from participants

    We asked young people what taking part in Videos for Change meant to them. Here’s what they had to say…

    For Students

    If you’re aged 13-18, there are lots of ways that you can get involved…

    Make a Video for Change

    Get a team together (or work on your own), choose a social issue and get start to get creative! We’ve got all the resources, tips and tricks that you need to get through the process from start to finish. We can’t wait to see what you come up with and the impact your video will have!

    Enter a Competition

    Once your video’s finished, upload it to Videos for Change and it’ll be entered into every competition that it’s eligible for, from your local in-school competition and our Australian National Competition, all the way up to the big one: the Global Videos for Change Competition.

    Vote for Your Favourite Videos

    Check out the Videos for Change website and follow us on socials to find out about competitions that are happening around the world. Each competition has its own ‘People’s Choice Award’ voting, where you can have a say on which video should be crowned the winner!

    Share for Greater Impact

    Whether it’s your own work or somebody else’s, if there’s a video that you absolutely love, the best way to increase its impact is to share it as far and wide as you can. Take a look at our showcase of past finalists and share your favourites to help amplify their messages.

    For Schools and Educators

    Looking to get your school involved? We’ve got you covered…

    Ready-to-Use Resources

    Get access to ready-to-use, step-by-step resources for both educators and students. This library of documents, videos and presentations will support you through every stage of the Videos for Change process.

    Educator Webinars

    We run regular webinars to help schools and educators to support their students to take part in Videos for Change. Come and join us live, or register for a webinar to be sent a link to watch it in your own time.

    Student Self-Directed Online Lessons

    Sign up for unlimited access to a digital library of interactive and engaging learning experiences from the world’s best citizenship education providers, including a dedicated student self-directed lesson on Videos for Change.

    Host Your Own In-School Challenge

    Host an in-school challenge on the issues that matter to your students. Use your customised website to manage entries, create awards, select finalists and engage your school community to vote for their favourites videos.

    Past Finalists

    Check out some of the incredible videos that have been finalists in our Australian National Competition over the years. 

    Hear from educators

    Why do schools keep coming back to take part in Videos for Change again and again?



    “Videos for Change is a really wonderful opportunity for young people to see that they can make a difference to the world… and I think we should encourage them more and more in our schools and in our curriculum to be doing work like this.”

    Karen Spiller OAM CF (Principal, John Paul College, Qld)

    Find out more about Videos for Change!

    Send us a message to find out more about running Videos for Change with your students.

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