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    Peak Experience

    Just Society

    “Where will you draw the line?”

    In this workshop, students explore how different levels of access to resources, opportunities and rights impacts themselves and others.

    Students build the skills needed to:

    • Better empathise with others
    • Build their personal and social capability to take positive action to make their communities fairer places for all


    Students identify unfair things they see happening in the world around them. They use this as a stimulus throughout the workshop.

    Draw the Line

    Students complete challenges in which they earn points to provide the best possible standard of living for their family. They explore real world barriers that impact fair access to resources, opportunities, and human rights.

    A Fair Divide

    Students decide the fairest way to split $1,000 between two people in different situations. They apply the concepts of equality and equity to identify how they have been used to help bring about a more just society.

    Charity and Justice

    Students use the ‘Problem Tree’ tool to identify the symptoms and root causes of their chosen social issue. They examine localised examples of charity and justice solutions to address existing injustices.

    I Resolve To...

    Students come up with tangible ways they can take action in their communities to bring about a more just society.

    What’s involved?

    Workshop activities include…

    What will students learn?

    By the end of the workshop students will…

    Picture of a heart

    Better appreciate that the current levels of access to social justice could be fairer


    Be able to identify both charity and justice-based actions they can take to work towards a fairer society for all

    Picture of a brain

    Understand how the current distribution of resources, opportunities and rights could be fairer for all

    Where does this fit in?

    This workshop is suitable for students in Years 7-12.

    The content aligns to the Australian F-10 Curriculum General Capabilities:


    Critical & Creative Thinking


    Ethical Understanding


    Personal and Social Capability

    How can we take part?


    An interactive and engaging ‘Peak Experience’ run in-person by one of our expert facilitators.

    Timing: 2 hours

    Student count: Up to 60 per workshop


    This workshop offers flexible learning using a combination of online self-directed work and facilitated debrief sessions.

    Timing: 2 hours (can be split over multiple sessions)

    Student count: Up to 60 per workshop

    What do we need to provide?

    For face-to-face workshops, we’ll need…


    A large open space with room for up to 60 students to move around and work in groups.


    A data projector or large TV, microphone (cordless is ideal), speakers to play videos and music.


    A chair for each participant. These can be stacked to the side of the room prior to each session.


    A pen or pencil for each participant. No laptops, paper or other resources are required.


    At least two staff members to be present throughout the workshop for active observation.

    For online workshops, your students will need…


    A computer or tablet for each student to complete their online course and join the scheduled check-in calls with their High Resolves facilitator.


    A reliable internet connection will help to ensure that students get the most out of the course content and facilitator check-ins.

    How can we extend the learning?

    We’ve got all the follow-up resources that you need…

    Rules of Fairness

    Students create new rules for settlement of a new planet Earth and debrief the activity using John Rawls’s concept of the ‘Veil of Ignorance’.

    Advantage or Disadvantage?

    Students go beyond a simplistic description of privilege to explore their own levels of advantage and disadvantage.

    Confirmation Bias

    Made In

    Students examine the global footprint of everyday items to better understand how they are connected to the people who make and transport them.

    Wealth in Society

    Students understand how wealth inequality operates and contributes to the creation of unfair opportunities and the inequitable distribution of resources.

    All Teacher Resource Packs include student stimulus materials and flexible, step-by-step lesson plans, and are available for you to deliver in your classroom to reinforce the learning from this workshop.

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