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    Peak Experience

    Identity &

    “How will you find your people?”

    In this workshop, students explore the different ways in which people categorise others and how this can lead to the creation of unfair biases based on stereotypes and prejudices.

    Students build the skills needed:

    • To better empathise with others
    • To respond in safe and inclusive ways to messages aimed at dividing people

    What’s involved?

    Workshop activities include…

    Find Your People

    Students are asked to group together based on a ‘new’ identity that includes information about their background, family, likes, gender and sexuality.

    Brain Priming

    Students share their reactions to words that describe different groups of people. They begin to see how stereotypes and prejudices can lead to unfair biases.

    The Pyramid of Hate

    Students identify where different levels of bias and bias-based actions sit on the ‘Pyramid of Hate’. They learn of the need to take action to overcome stereotypes and prejudices.

    Inclusive or Divisive

    Students consider different ways in which people can respond to examples of difference. They practise inclusive approaches to harmful messages aimed at dividing people.

    I Resolve To...

    Students come up with tangible ways they can take action to foster a better sense of our shared humanity.

    What will students learn?

    By the end of the workshop students will be able to…

    Picture of a heart

    Feel a deeper appreciation of both the diversity and unity of humanity


    Identify inclusive ways in which they will respond to divisive views and behaviours

    Picture of a brain

    Have a stronger awareness of the damaging impact biases can have and that they are able to challenge them

    Where does this fit in?

    This workshop is suitable for students in Years 7-12.

    The content aligns to the Australian F-10 Curriculum General Capabilities:


    Critical & Creative Thinking


    Ethical Understanding


    Intercultural Understanding


    Personal and Social Capability

    How can we take part?


    An interactive and engaging ‘Peak Experience’ run in-person by one of our expert facilitators.

    Timing: 2 hours

    Student count: Up to 60 per workshop


    The workshop offers flexible learning using a combination of online self-directed work and facilitated debrief sessions.

    Timing: 2 hours (can be split over multiple sessions)

    Student count: Up to 60 per workshop

    What do we need to provide?

    For face-to-face workshops, we’ll need…


    A large open space with room for up to 60 students to move around and work in groups.


    A data projector or large TV, microphone (cordless is ideal), speakers to play videos and music.


    A chair for each participant. These can be stacked to the side of the room prior to each session.


    A pen or pencil for each participant. No laptops, paper or other resources are required.


    At least two staff members to be present throughout the workshop for active observation.

    For online workshops, your students will need…


    A computer or tablet for each student to complete their online course and join the scheduled check-in calls with their High Resolves facilitator.


    A reliable internet connection will help to ensure that students get the most out of the course content and facilitator check-ins.

    How can we extend the learning?

    We’ve got all the follow-up resources that you need…

    Identity Maps

    Students reflect on how the similarities and differences of their ‘Identity Maps’ mark us all as unique individuals who share a common humanity.

    Human Family Tree

    Students question assumptions about how people conceptualise and categorise the human race.

    Confirmation Bias

    Cultural Lens

    Students learn to appreciate the need to be aware of how our ‘Cultural Lens’ influences how we see the world and interact with others.

    Us vs Them

    Students recognise the need to be more aware of their own and others’ biases in order to avoid creating harmful divisions.

    All Teacher Resource Packs include student stimulus materials and flexible, step-by-step lesson plans, and are available for you to deliver in your classroom to reinforce the learning from this workshop.

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