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    Talking About… Independent Thinking

    Through independent investigation we explore techniques of narrative, language and representation that can be used in modern media to influence our perceptions. Students learn to assess the credibility and authority of the sources of their news and online messages.

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    Talking About… Identity and Purpose

    Build cohesion, resilience, curiosity and compassion by unpacking how we understand and categorise ourselves and others, and how this impacts our interactions with those around us.

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    Talking About… Just Society

    Explore the distribution of resources in society and consider concepts of effort and reward, the equity of access to opportunities and good fortune.


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    Talking About… Social Progress

    Does good leadership mean making sacrifices for the greater good?  Roleplaying as a political ambassador, this lesson lets students weigh up decisions and actions through the lens of leadership and international governance.

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    Talking About… Better Self

    When we examine our personal value systems we can understand how and why we make decisions. Students practise integrating different perspectives and develop skills to help them effectively work with those who see the world differently to them.

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    “The High Resolves workshops and materials are of the highest quality, and the best testament to that is the way our students engage with the material. They love it and it encourages them to think more about the world around us in a positive way”

    Rodney HillPrincipal, Wyong High School
    New South Wales, Australia

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