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    We have designed a library of complementary Teaching Resource Packs (TRPs) that help teachers deliver classroom experiences that reinforce the learnings from our student workshops.

    Click the links below to view and download each resource, or check out our full range of free TRPs at: www.composereducation.org

    Active Listening

    Students begin with a drawing task that helps students understand the need for active listening when trying to understand someone else’s perspective. They define what they can do to strengthen their skills and practice these through a small group activity. Students identify how active listening can help them better understand and collaborate with people in their own lives.

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    Confirmation Bias

    Confirmation Bias

    Students examine how confirmation bias operates and its influence on how we process information. They learn how confirmation bias works and why it can be difficult for people to accept information that opposes their beliefs. Students then identify ways they can keep their confirmation bias in check.

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    Filter Bubbles

    Students investigate how ‘filter bubbles’ shape the way individuals perceive the world and others. Using the Blue Feed/Red Feed tool that showcases contrasting social media feeds, students understand the impact on individuals and society. Students brainstorm strategies that will help them ‘burst’ their filter bubbles and become active consumers of news and information.

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    Human Rights

    Students explore the definition of human rights and the challenges in determining what is right for everyone. They create their own list of rights and compare that to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Students reflect on the responsibility we all have to ensure our own everyday actions reflect human rights.

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    Let's Go Fishing

    Students play a game modeled on the classic ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ economic theory to explore the problem of collective action in managing the Earth’s resources. They reflect on the way their short-term self-interest clashes with the long-term interest of the collective. Students identify strategies that will help them to act in the collective interest of the human race and the planet.

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    Partial Truths

    Students explore the human tendency to create partial truths through the creation of a sales pitch where they can choose to offer only part of the information they have available to them. They reflect on the different situations in life where they might encounter partial truths and brainstorm solutions to help them get a more complete picture.

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    Responding vs Reacting

    Students will explore the benefits of responding – rather than reacting – to situations. They learn that by taking the time to respond, they can process and express their emotions and gain a better understanding of the situation and the thoughts and feelings of others. Students realize that by creating space to pause and reflect, that they will be in a better position to respond rather than react to a situation.

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    The High Resolves program has brought to Caboolture State High School the opportunity for our students to engage in thinking and discussions beyond their experiences in our local community.

    FionaPrincipal, Caboolture State High School

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